Bernard Alligand contemporary French painter

Bernard Alligand is an artist of matter, light and movement.

His many travels all over the world and his numerous stays in residences of artists (Egypt, Morocco, Iceland, UAE, Oman, Asia …) are sources of inspirations that he declines on different supports as paintings, engravings, ceramics, wooden sculptures and artist books. Bernard Alligand is pluridisciplinary, artist who uses a variety of materials for his pictural work like organic and raw materials, minerals, vegetables, manufactured and recycled products, with which he creates cosmic, allegorical artwork.

For over 20 years he has been working with writers and poets to illustrate unpublished texts by established authors : Michel Butor, Gaston Puel, Salah Stétié, Robert Marteau, Régine Detambel, Jean-Pierre Geay, Kenneth White …

A Bernard Alligand Fund of his bibliophilic work was created in 2009 in the Library of Angers where more than 80 books with essays, letters, models and descriptions are preserved. Another Fund of his engraved artwork is preserved in the etching department of the National Library Bnf in Paris. The media library Nucéra in Nice also hosts all editions with sketches, engraving plates, experiments…

A « catalogue raisonné » of his engraved artwork listed from 1985 to 2004 was published in 2005. A second “catalogue raisonné” is in progress to compile his work from 2005 to 2017.

His artwork can be seen in a lot of institutional and private collections and is currently exhibited in all the continents.

“Travelling to discover feelings, smells, to nourish my creativity …”.

For Bernard Alligand the landscape changes into a vast market that he can use to create : Egypt, Iceland, Japan, Laos, Morocco … For him, all abstract paintings are linked to nature.

His “ethno-compositions” are invitations to a journey through time and space.

VIDEO : Bernard Alligand – report at the International Biennale – Library of Alexandria (Egypt)

VIDEO : Bernard Alligand at the Pasnic engraving workshop (Paris)

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