Chronology : Bernard Alligand – contemporary French artist, painter, engraver

Bernard Alligand – contemporary French artist, painter, engraver 

Was born on November 27, 1953 in Angers (Maine-et-Loire). Son of Mr. Bernard Alligand, shopkeeper, and Mrs. Albertine Perrin.


1977 – 1982

He had learnt for 3 years in graphic art, modeling and engraving at the Beaux-arts d’Angers (student of Jean-Jacques Deschamps) and was awarded the Young Painting Prize (1981, 1982). The Galerie Guémard (Angers) exhibits his work since 1980. He moved from Angers to set up his studio in Vence (Alpes-Maritimes) in 1982. It is the beginning of series of trips, both professional and exploratory to England, Spain, Germany and Greece.


1983 – 1985

From 1983, his work started to be regularly exhibited in Nice, Biot, Tourrette s / Loup, Saint-Paul de Vence, Vence, Angers and at the art fairs in Dallas, and New York. Trip to Italy.


1986 – 1988

In 1986, he met the Matarasso family (1986) who still displays his both bibliophilic and engraved work. At that time he also met Paul Hervieu who has presented his work at Villefranche s / mer. He worked with Henri Goetz on carborundum engraving and made his first engravings in The Rémusat studio. James Coignard introduced him to the Pasnic studio where he met Max Papart, Pierre-Marie Brisson and Lionel. He work was permanently exhibited at the Longchamp Gallery (Nice), at the Salon de l’UMAM (Nice). He went back to Italy.



1989 – 1992

Henri Goetz introduced him to Vision Nouvelle galerist that offered him an exclusive contract. He drew engravings at the Art Gravé studio with Henri Baviera. He met many artists, Serge Hélénon, André Cottavoz, Shoichi Hasegawa, Gérard Eppelé, Olivier Debré. His work was displayed in many galleries and institutional places : Castle of Cagnes-sur-Mer, Broglin (Colmar), Barthélémy (Besançon), Du Marais (Paris), Grouard (Senlis), Raugraff (Nancy), Vasse Estampe (Strasbourg), Athena (St Brieuc), The friend of letters (Bordeaux), The Cyclades (Antibes). He met the poet Jean-Pierre Geay and the photographers André Villers and Alkis Voliotis. He was selected to participate at the UMAM Show. He broke his contract with Vision Nouvelle (1992). He started to travel and his was exhibited in Japan: Tokyo, Kobe, Wakayama, Kyoto … South Korea, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland and United States.


1993 – 1994

He settled in Paris and kept his studio in Vence. He again drew his engravings at the Pasnic studio and realized his first artist book to illustrate the poet Jean-Pierre Geay’ text : Hors Ligne Ed. Comme Si and Au-devant Ed. L. Matarasso. He made a first series of ceramics at the Olivier Roy studio and started his first scuptures made of painting wood. He also created with an industrial partner, floors made of resins and rubber clustered. Two retrospectives have been organized, one at the Longchamp Gallery (Nice) and the other one at the Aubenas Castle 10 years of painting. Many exhibitions took place in galleries: Dazy (Dijon), Ducastel (Avignon), Cupillard (Grenoble), the Estampe (Strasbourg), Vasse (Lille). Jacqueline de Champvallins presented his work in various art fairs in France and abroad. He met Arthur-Luiz Piza, Hans Steffens, James Pichette, James Guitet. Trip : Spain.


1995 – 1997

New artists’ books are released : Sombrer dans l’infini, Grange Marine, Environs, Lisières du possible, edited by La Balance. La lumière donnée was presented at the SAGA 97 by R. and L. Dutrou. He conducted researches on print copies with Rank Xerox. He definitely moved his studio from Vence to Paris (1996). Many exhibitions took place in galleries: Addenda (Lyon), Theater (Besançon), Longchamp (Nice), Raugraff (Nancy), Berna (Paris) and in some various art fairs, SAGA, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, New York. First trip to Egypt (Luxor, Aswan).

VIDEO : Interview with B. Alligand on carborundum engraving


1998 – 2001

Company orders grew : Compaq, Imerys, Athena, Completel, Info Industries. He worked which new poets : Gaston Puel, Tita Reut to publish new artists’  books, he realized 22 editions of engravings and created original editions of carpets. His first website was launched in 2000. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs granted artists residences in Egypt (1998, 1999, 2000, 2006), Morocco (2001, 2002), Iceland (2007), UAE (2007, 2008), Jordan (2009), Laos (2012). His work has been exhibited in several French Cultural Centers.

From his travels came new inspirations, the Impressions of Egypt which has been the subject of a publication on a text of Tita Reut and the Moroccan imprints of which 2 served as bookmarks for the French media libraries in Morocco. He lectured at the Summer University of Rabat on illustrated books. His gallerists presented his artworks in various international fairs and manifestations of art : New York, Frankfurt, Strasbourg, Art Junction Paris. His work could be seen in the following galleries : Déclic (Luxembourg), Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania – USA), Wind (Soest – Netherlands), Cupillard (Grenoble), Lans (Chambéry), Ducastel (Avignon), Matarasso (Nice). Trips : Italy, Morocco, Canada and Egypt.

VIDEO : Interview with B. Alligand on the Impressions of Egypt


2002 – 2005

Iceland was a new inspiration after a few weeks’ trip which brought him to the Icelandic Walks. The first editions of engravings of the Moroccan imprints appeared. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs granted artists residences in Egypt (2006), Iceland (2007). During these stays, he represented France at the International Biennale Imagining the Book at the Alexandria Library and Au Printemps français at the National Library in Reykjavik. In 2004, a large exhibition presented 80 artworks at the Chapel of the Visitation in Thonon-les-Bains.

He illustrated new books on poems written by : Jean-Pierre Geay, Tita Reut, Michel Butor, René Pons, P.A.B. He made ceramics : tables, dishes, jars, vases … at the studio of Roy and Piano in Vallauris, as well as the studio of Céline Turpin and Eric Pépin in Blois.

His work was ordered by companies Savings Bank, Socotec, Crédit Agricole, Onyx, Groupe Tests, Unicef. A “catalogue raisonné” of engravings and books of artists was published in 2005 with a text by the poet Jean-Pierre Geay and the painter Yves Mairot. He creates new editions of carpets. His work was exhibited in galleries and institutional places : Declic (Luxembourg), La Hune Brenner, Aittouarès, Arcades, Allaire-Aigret (Paris), Maulny (Angers), Raugraff (Nancy), media library (Annecy), Aubenas Castle, Matarasso (Nice), Ducastel (Avignon). Trips : Spain, Morocco.


2006 – 2007

More than 20 new editions of engraving were released, including a new approach with water engraving. He made new ceramics : large jars and dishes at the Céline Turpin studio and a cast resin table with the industrialist Boulenger and worked for the Swiss biscuit manufacturer Kambly. He collaborates with the Icelandic poet Sigurður Pálsson, and kept on creating new artists’ books with Michel Butor, René Pons, Tita Reut, Jean-Pierre Geay, P.A.B. A new version of his website was released. His work was exhibited in galleries and institutional places : French Cultural Centers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Embassy of Iceland, Arcades, Marie Demange, Bouquinerie de l’Institut (Paris), Cupillard (Grenoble) Dazy (Dijon), Matarasso (Nice), Tem Sanat (Turkey). Trips : Portugal, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Iceland.


2008 – 2013

The multimedia library, Toussaint d’Angers, created a Conservation Fund for his bibliophilic work where the preparations and models of the artist’s books, letters with the poets are gathered. Another Fond of his engraved artwork is preserved in the etching department of the National Library (Bnf) in Paris. New artist books were published with Michel Butor, Gaston Puel, Regine Detambel, Robert Marteau. Thirty editions of engravings were created.

In 2009, he represented France at the International Art Festival in Amman (Jordan). His work was exhibited in institutional settings and galleries : French Cultural Center in Luang Prabang (Laos), R. Linköping (Sweden), Covalenco (Netherlands), Göteborg (Sweden), Toussaint multimedia library and Grand Théâtre d’Angers (hundred works and about twenty artists’ books), Aubenas Castle (hundred works), Chamber of Commerce of Strasbourg, Arcades, Arenthon, Nicaise, Ministry of Culture and The Communication (Paris). Trips : United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Oman. He returns to Iceland to collect ashes of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano.


2013 to today

Many multimedia libraries acquired his artists’ books and entered in the heritage collections. He realized new artist’s books with Kenneth White, Antoine Emaz, and Michel Butor, whose work Ruines d’avenir Editions d’art FMA, was exhibited at the Angers Castle for 6 months, Régine Detambel, Salah Stétié. He was Curator of Exhibition for the Homage to Michel Butor at the National Library of Iceland in 2014. The Blaizot Bookseller often presents his work around the artist’s books.

The gallery Akié Arichi presents for the first time in Paris his works on Iceland. His work is exhibited in institutional venues and galleries : Saint-Corneille multimedia library (Compiègne), Gustave-Eiffel multimedia library (Levallois-Perret), Nucéra library (Nice), Aubenas castle. He returned to Iceland to develop his work around his Icelandic harvests. The galleries Marie Demange (Brussels), The distant islands (Angers), presents this new work. Trips : Iceland, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam.

VIDEO : Inauguration of the exhibition Ruins of the future at the castle of Angers

VIDEO : Genesis of the book of bibliophilia Ruins of the future inspired by the hanging of the apocalypse in Angers.